Using Site View to Check Page Links

Site View provides a graphic representation of each link, beginning in the current document. You can view the links in a tree or chart format. Each link is identified by a file type icon (internal, Web, image, mailto, and so on) and the file name.

Site View displays links for the following tags:

To display the contents of the title tag:

To edit a link in the current document:

  1. Click the link in Site View to highlight it in the document.
  2. Edit the link text as necessary.
  3. To update Site View, right-click in the Site View pane and select Refresh.

To view a page linked from the current document:

  1. Click the Browse tab in the Editor
  2. Click the link in the current document that goes to the page that you need to view.

To display links beyond the current document:

  1. In the Site View pane, double-click a link in the current document.

    The URL is processed and the links in that page are added to the Site View display.

  2. Repeat this as necessary for subsequent pages that contain links.

You can drag the vertical window border to enlarge the viewing area as the link list expands. If the view gets too dense, right click a link in the tree and select Set as Root. This makes the selected link the top item in the tree.