Verifying Links

HomeSite simplifies the job of maintaining sites by testing each link in a selection and reporting any problems it finds. You can verify links to local HTML files, graphics and other media files and other Web sites. By default, HomeSite checks all links in a selection, but you can skip specific links. Tags in comments are skipped.

If you have installed Linkbot 5.0 or greater, you can use it within HomeSite. Select Tools > Verify Links with Linkbot to check links in specific files, or select Tools > Verify Project with Linkbot.


You cannot use the link checker to verify links to secure pages (HTTPS), FTP links, or mailto links. You also cannot perform link verification on large binary files such as EXE, PDF, ZIP, and media file types. This would significantly slow down the operation. Therefore, HomeSite installs a list of excluded file extensions in the Windows Registry LinkVerifyExcludeExts key.

To set options for link verification, do any of the following:

To verify links in the current document:

  1. Select Tools > Verify Links from the menu to open the Links tab on the Results window.

  2. The link list shows the following information for each link in the document:
    Current document name, preceded by an icon identifying the link as a document or media file
    Link as referenced in the document, including links set with the name attribute in the Anchor tag
    Full URL
    Path or IP address of the link
    Status of the link, initially set to Untested

    Then, HomeSite checks each link in order. The Status column displays OK for successful links and, for failed links, a File not found message or the server-generated code.

  3. To end the link validation before it completes, click the Stop button.

To verify links in a project:

  1. In the Resources window, on the Projects tab, right-click a project name and select Verify Links.
  2. In the Verify Links in Project dialog box, select a root URL option for project files.
  3. (Optional) Set a timeout value for the processing of each link.
  4. Click OK to run the verification routine.
  5. To end the link validation before it completes, click the Stop button.

To verify a single link:

To produce a report of failed links:

To edit a link:

To browse to a link: