Working in the Results Window

The Results window is a section of the user interface that you can display if you want, but otherwise it only appears when you need it-when you need to see the results of an operation such as an extended search or link verification.

Opening the Results window

The Results window displays output from these operations:

The Results window displays the results of an operation on the appropriate tab; for example, search results on the Search tab.

You can manually open the Results window, or display specific tabs on the Results window. You can also open documents from search results; for details, see "Working with the results of extended search operations".

To manually open the Results window:

  1. Select View > Results from the menu.
  2. To close the window, right-click in the Results window and select Close Results.

    You can also press Shift +Ctrl+L to alternate between opening and closing the Results window.

To open specific tabs on the Results window:

Saving results

When you run an operation that displays the Results window, HomeSite preserves the results of the operation on the appropriate tab, even when you move from one tab to another or close the Results window. However, results are discarded when you repeat the same operation or close HomeSite.

For example, you could run an extended search, verify the links in your project, close the Results window, and then run another extended search. In this case you would lose the results from the first search, but you could click between the Search and Links tabs to see the results of the second search and the link verification.

If you want to keep the results from an extended search, link verification, or code validation, save them before you close HomeSite.

To save the results as an HTML document:

  1. Right-click in the Search, Validation, or Links tab and select Open in Browser.

    The document displays in the default browser.

  2. Use the commands available in your browser to save the source as an HTML document.