About the Documentation

The documentation is designed to provide support for the complete spectrum of participants. The print and online versions are organized to allow you to quickly locate the information that you need. The online documentation is provided in HTML and Adobe Acrobat formats.

You can also access release notes, product support information, and several developer resources from the Help menu.

The rest of this section describes the conventions used in the documentation and the contents of the HomeSite documentation set.

Documentation conventions

When reading the documentation, note the following formatting cues:

Printed and online documentation set

The HomeSite documentation consists of the online and print versions of Using HomeSite, context-sensitive F1 Help, tag definitions for HTML and VTML, and several online language references in the Help Resources tab.

The following table provides examples of what to check, depending on your needs.
If you need to...
Then see...
Learn the basics of Web development
The chapter "Learning HTML and CSS", which contains two tutorials: one for coding in HTML to create a Web page, and one for applying style sheet rules to that Web page.
Check syntax or usage information as you code
The W3C HTML 4.01 Specification. To open it, position the cursor in a tag and press F1. F1 help is available for all supported languages. To view a list of supported languages, open the Tag Chooser (Ctrl+E).
Create or modify Tag Editor dialog boxes
The chapter "Customizing the Development Environment", which points to a detailed VTML language reference.
Automate tasks or call HomeSite functionality from other programs
The chapter "Scripting the Visual Tools Object Model", written for power users and application developers.

Viewing online documentation

You can view Help for a specific tag, Help topics in HTML format, or online documentation in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

To view Help for a tag:

F1 Help is available for all supported languages. To view a list of the supported languages, open the Tag Chooser (Ctrl+E).

To view the online HTML help:

  1. Select Help > Open Help References Window.

    The Help tab of the Resources window appears, displaying a tree of online books that include several language references as well as the documentation.

  2. Find the Help topic you need, using the tree, search engine, index, or bookmarks.

    For details, see "Getting the Most from the Help System".

  3. Double-click the topic you need to display it in the Document window.

To view the PDF documentation:

Printing online documentation

You can print one Help topic at a time in the HTML Help, or print as many pages of the Help as you need from the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format of the Help.

To print a single Help topic in the HTML Help:

  1. Display the Help topic you need to print.

    For instructions, see "Viewing online documentation".

  2. Right-click the topic in the Document window and select your browser's command to print.

To print several pages from the PDF documentation:

  1. Open the PDF documentation from the product CD-ROM or download it from the Macromedia Web site, from www.allaire.com/developer/documentation/HomeSite.cfm.
  2. Print as many pages of the documentation as you need.