Setting Options for Markup Languages

This section provides instructions for setting language-specific options. For setting specific options for XHTML, also see "Setting options for XHTML".

To set language options:

  1. Open the Options > Settings > Markup Languages pane.
  2. Select the options you need. Each option is described in the following table.
    Result when selected
    Lowercase all inserted tags
    Tag Editors and Tag Inspector insert all lowercase code in the editor.
    To convert tags to lowercase in existing documents you can open the document, select Edit > Convert Tag Case, and select the lowercase option.
    Always insert colors as hexadecimal values
    Tag Editors and Tag Inspector insert a RGB value like C0C0C0 and 008080 instead of "Silver" and "Teal".
    Different browsers interpret the names of colors differently, but if you use RGB values, the same color appears in every browser.
    Force filenames to lowercase when inserting links
    When dragging a file to the editor, the inserted link contains a lowercased filename. For example, if you drag ABCs.htm to the editor, the following code is inserted:
    <a href="abcs.htm">ABC's</a>
    Note that this option can cause links to break on UNIX machines.
    When editing tags, return the output on a single line
    Tag Editors insert the code on a single, non-wrapping line in the editor.
    Include closing </p> when inserting paragraph tag
    The Paragraph button on the Common Quickbar inserts <p></p> instead of just <p>.
    Note that even if you clear this option, by default, Tag Completion inserts </p> after you type <p>. To disable this too, open the Options > Settings > Editor > Tag Completion pane and delete the P tag from the list.
    Result when selected
    Insert numeric values surrounded by quotes (Tag Inspector)
    When an attribute has a numeric value, Tag Inspector inserts it surrounded by quotes, as Tag Editors do. For example, width="20" height="20", not width=20 height=20.
    Result when selected
    Minimize empty tags (e.g., <br/>)
    If the current document is set or recognized to be an XHTML document, the buttons on the QuickBar for empty tags insert minimized empty tags, for example <br/> and <hr/>.
    Enforce required attribute validation (Tag Editor)
    Tag Editors do not insert the tag unless every required attribute is completed for the tag.
    Use <em> tag in place of <i>
    The Italic button on the Font Quickbar inserts
    <em></em> instead of <i></i>.
    Use <strong> tag in place of <b>
    The Bold button on the Font Quickbar inserts <strong></strong> instead of <b></b>.
  3. In the Insert special characters as box, select how characters should be represented in the code when you insert them from the View > Extended and Special Characters palette. Following is an example for each option:
  4. Open the HTML/XHTML pane under the Markup Languages pane and select from the following options.
    Result when selected
    Use title of dragged documents as the link description
    When you drag a file to the editor to insert a link, the programs checks the file for a title and uses any title that it finds as the link text.
    Align Center or Align Right
    Specify tags you want to insert when clicking these toolbuttons on the Common QuickBar.
    Use the VTML Tag Dialog for:
    Select tags for which you want to use the Visual Tool Markup Language (VTML) Tag Editor. For more information, see "About VTML Tag Editors".
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Open the Options > Customize dialog box.
  7. On the toolbars tab, in the Visible Toolbars list, select the toolbar for every language that you use. The toolbars are added to the QuickBar, providing you with a quick way to insert code for those languages.

    For more information about displaying toolbars and adding a toolbutton to a toolbar, see "Customizing toolbars".

  8. If you script in ActiveX, add the ActiveX toolbutton to a toolbar.
  9. If you process documents as ActiveScript, add the Execute Current Document as ActiveScript toolbutton to a toolbar.
  10. When you are done, click Close.