Using Tag Editors

Tag Editors are tag-specific dialog boxes that contain the attributes and values of the selected tag. Online help is available in each Tag Editor.

About VTML Tag Editors

You can choose from two different Tag Editors for three tags: Anchor <a>, Body <b>, and Image <img>. The standard Image Tag Editor calculates the height and width of an image for you and provides an image preview. The standard Body Tag Editor has a preview for the colors of the page background, text, and each type of link.

Otherwise, the VTML Tag Editors contain everything in the standard dialogs, plus support for multiple languages, browsers, event code, and coding preferences. For example, VTML Tag Editors detect the language of a document (e.g., XHTML) and insert code in that language. The VTML Anchor Tag Editor also supports multiple protocols and accessibility options not found in the standard Anchor Tag Editor.

For information about VTML, see Customizing the Development Environment.

To use a VTML Tag Editor instead of a standard Tag Editor:

  1. On the Options > Settings > Markup Languages > HTML/XHTML pane, select the Anchor - <A>, Body - <BODY>, or Image - <IMG> options as desired.
  2. Click Apply.

Editing a tag with a Tag Editor

This section describes how to open a Tag Editor and to how to access specific help for completing the Tag Editor dialog box.

To open the editor for a tag, do one of the following:

To view syntax and usage help for the tag:


If the Tag Editor is labeled with "NOTE: This is a write-only Tag Editor," then the Tag Editor is only intended for inserting a tag, not for editing the content of the tag.