Editing Referenced Files

You can edit image files and included files from HomeSite.

Editing image files

If Macromedia FireWorks is installed on your computer, you can open your GIF, JPG, and PNG image files for editing in FireWorks. You can also preview an images by viewing its thumbnail.

To display thumbnails in a folder:

  1. In the Files 1 or Files 2 tab, select the directory with the images to preview.
  2. Press Shift+Ctrl+F4.
  3. In the Results window, right-click on the Thumbnails tab and select Reset to current folder.

    For information about how the current folder is determined between the two files tabs, see "About the Files Tabs".

To edit an image:

  1. Select the image to edit. You can do this in three ways:
  2. If the image you selected is in PNG format, skip this step. Otherwise, in the dialog box that appears, specify whether to open the source PNG file for the image:
  3. Edit the image in FireWorks.
  4. When you are done, save your changes and close FireWorks.

Editing included files

You can edit included files in certain tags.

To open an included file for editing:

  1. In the editor, right-click in one of these tags:
  2. Select Edit Include file from the pop-up menu.

The file, src, template, or page that is referenced in the include tag opens in the editor.


The referenced file must have an absolute or relative path; you cannot open an included file from a logical file reference, that is, a virtual mapping on the server.