Saving Text to the Multiple-Entry Clipboard

The multiple-entry clipboard lets you store multiple text blocks in the Clipboard and paste them as needed. To activate this feature, you must perform at least one copy command .

Setting the clip entry limit

By default, the clipboard window stores a maximum of 36 entries. This can be changed in the Options > Settings > Editor pane. When the maximum number of clipboard entries is reached, the next copy operation deletes the oldest clipboard entry and adds the new copied text to the bottom of the clipboard entry window.

The following buttons are available on the Edit toolbar for this feature:

Customizing clipboard commands

You can add the clipboard buttons to custom toolbars using the Options > Customize menu command. The buttons are located in the Edit toolbutton section.

Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to these features, as well. The shortcut descriptions are Show clipboard, Paste all, and Clear clipboard.