Setting Default Deployment Options

Optionally, you can specify options to apply for every deployment by default.

To set other project deployment options:

  1. Select Options > Settings > Projects > Deployment from the menu.
  2. Specify logging options:
  3. Specify the default deployment settings as needed.

    The following table describes each setting.
    Description of option when selected
    Create Missing Folders/Directories
    Makes the directory structure on the server match the directory structure on the client. If this is not selected and you add a new directory to the client, then when you try to deploy you will receive an error.
    Upload Only Newer
    Compares the files on the client to the files that are already on the deployment server, and copies only the updated files from the client to the server.
    Encrypt CFML
    Prevents end-users of your Web application from seeing and taking your CFML code.
    Force to Lower Case
    Changes all file names to be lowercase, but does not lowercase the link references to your files. So selecting this option can cause your links to break on a UNIX server. For example, the following link would break: <a href="ABCs.htm">ABC's</a>.
    Show Deployment Warning Dialog
    Displays a warning before deploying your files, asking you to confirm that you are ready to deploy. This dialog box also has an option to not show the warning again.

  4. Click Apply to save your changes.