Tips for Visually Impaired Users

Macromedia is committed to enabling a high level of accessibility in our products. HomeSite includes support for customizable keyboard shortcuts and browser-based HTML online documentation, including Alt text for all images.

This section offers suggestions for ways to work productively in HomeSite.

Assigning keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are enabled for many file management, editing, and debugging commands. The shortcut list also contains many commands and language elements that are unassigned.

To open the shortcut key list:

  1. Select Options > Customize (Shift+F8).

    The Customize dialog box appears.

  2. Press Ctrl+Tab to switch to the Keyboard Shortcut tab.
  3. Press Tab to highlight the first key assignment in the list.
  4. Use the arrow keys to scroll the list
  5. To open the list in the external browser, press Shift+F10 to open the context menu, then select the Browse command.

You can change any of the current key combinations and you can also enter new key combinations to unassigned items in the list.

To assign a key combination:

  1. In the Customize dialog box, on the Keyboard Shortcut tab, select a command from the list.
  2. Press Tab to place the cursor in the key assignment box and then press the key combination you want to assign.
  3. Select Apply to save the assignment.

    If the key combination is already in use, a message box displays. You can then choose to overwrite the current assignment or cancel the dialog and press Shift+Tab to place the cursor in the key assignment box again.

The list automatically refreshes when changes are made.

Creating additional key combinations

The Snippets Shortcuts and Scripts Shortcuts tabs in the Customize dialog box also contain a key assignment box that you can use to enter key combinations for those code components.

Using shortcut keys for common tasks

Here are a few handy shortcuts:

Working with user interface elements

The following list describes some ways to work productively in the user interface.