JavaScript Status Bar
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Status bar - manipulates text on the status bar (bottom of the browser window). When you move the cursor over a hyperlink, the status bar shows the destination URL. You can use javascript to swap out the URL destination for a comment or description.

To display something on the status bar when the mouse is moved over this link, you need to add javascripts to the <A HREF> tag:

EX 1: <A HREF="mylink.html" onMouseOver="window.status='New status bar info here'; return true;" onMouseOut="window.status='   '; ">click here</A>

• onMouseOver - when mouse rolls over the linked text (Click here), do something. In this case, onMouseOver is the event handler and checks the window status - the event. The entire result of the event handler (what we want to happen) is within quotations (" ").

• window.status needs to be told what to display. In this example, the text we want displayed needs to be in single quotes (' '). Between each component (and after the last) defining the event we use a semi-colon (;). The second component: return true; tells the browser not to overwrite our description with the URL destination.

• onMouseOut - when mouse rolls out (away from) the linked text (Click here), go back to original state. In this case, window.status equals empty single quotes.

Test code: place mouse here and watch status bar at the bottom of the browser. If you can't see your status bar: view > status bar.