Compressing Video for the Web
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Video - video files can be large - you must decrease height, width, frame rate and other things to make them small enough files to transfer over the web.

Suggested settings:
  1. open your movie in Quicktime Pro
  2. File menu - Export
  1. Click Options
  2. Click Settings
  3. Compression Type: (can select H.264 or Sorenson 3)
  4. Frame Rate: select 15 frames per second
  5. If you have audio that needs to synch exactly then Key Frame should be set to 15 otherwise set it to Automatic
  6. Frame Reordering can be checked
  7. Compression Quality - High (not best)
  8. Encoding - Best unless your file is too big then try Faster
  9. Data Rate - Automatic
  10. Click OK
  1. Click Use Custom Size
  2. Type in half of what it currently is (no bigger than 360 x 240)
  3. Click OK
  1. Click Sound if you have some
  2. You can lower it to 22,000 khz, 16 bit, and Mono if needed. Definitely set it to Mono unless you NEED stereo.
  1. Click Prepare for Internet Streaming
  2. Click OK
  1. Give it a new name and specify where you want to save it
  2. Click Save
The HTML code to put video on a page
The basic code is: <EMBED SRC="filename.???"></EMBED>

Inside the main EMBED command, you have the ability to place different attributes:

HEIGHT="--" and WIDTH="--" This sets the height and width of the space in which the embedded item will play.

LOOP="--" This states if the video will loop ("true") or if it should play once and stop ("false")

AUTOSTART="--" This tells the browser to start the video right away ("true") upon its download completion or to wait for viewer to click to start playing ("false" - the default).


<EMBED SRC="" WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100 Loop="true" Autostart="false">