CSS notes 3: Defining Backgrounds
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Background Color:

background-color: #6600FF;

Ex: <BODY style="background-color: #6600FF;">

Background Image:

background-image: url('image location');

Ex: <BODY style="background-image: url('../images/bgimage.gif');">

Background Image - Repeat:

background-repeat: repeat-y; --repeat-x, no-repeat, repeat

Ex: <BODY style="background-repeat: repeat-y;">

Background Image - Position:

background-position: center; --top, bottom, left, right

Ex: <BODY style="background-position: center;">

Background Image - Attachment:

background-attachment: fixed; --scroll

Will the background stay fixed or scroll with the page

Ex: <BODY style="background-attachment: fixed;">

Lesson 6
1) Create a new html page and experiment with using the above CSS attributes.

Background Color
Background Image
              Background Image - Repeat on the Y
Position and repeat on the Y