Flash Modifying, Importing and Symbols
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Modifying Shapes:
  • Convert Lines to Fills:
    • Modify Menu > Shape > Convert Lines to Fills (Larger files, but faster animation)
  • Expand Shape of a Fill:
    • Select filled shape (single filled color with NO stroke)
    • Modify Menu > Shape > Expand Fill: Enter value (expand or inset (reduce))
  • Soften Edges of a Fill:
    • Select filled shape with no stroke; Modify Menu > Shape > Soften Fill Edges (# of steps -higher is bigger but smoother

Importing Images:

Flash can import images from Freehand (.fh, .fh10) and Illustrator (.eps, .ai) as well as GIFs, JPGs, Animated GIFs, Quicktime Movies and PNGs. (.dxf, .bmp, .emf, .pct, .pic, .png, .psd, .qtif, .mov, .sai, .tif ).

Use the File > Import to Stage or Library.

  • To convert a bitmap (JPEG or GIF) to a vector-based graphic: (files can be huge)
    • Import the file to stage.
    • Modify Menu > Bitmap > Trace Bitmap.
      • Color threshold (1-500) - colors closer than threshold, are combined (higher#=less colors)
      • Min area (1-1000) - how many neighbor pixels to include when assigning colors
      • Curve Fit = smoothness of outlines
      • Corner Threshold = sharp or smooth corners
      • For a photographic image the best settings are:
        Threshold = 10, Min Area=1; Curve Fit=Pixels; Many Corners
  • Break Apart: separates pixels in image into discrete areas that can be modified.
    • Import a bitmap.
    • Modify Menu > Break Apart (CMD+B).
  • Bitmap as a fill: it will tile as a pattern.
    • Create a fill object (i.e. rectangle, paintbrush, oval, etc.).
    • Open the Color Mixer Panel.
    • Change TYPE of Fill to Bitmap.
    • Choose from the list of bitmaps that exist in Library.
    • You can also paint with the bitmap fill using the brush.
  • Repositioning bitmap fill:
    • Click Fill Transform Tool.
    • Click on Object and handles appear.
    • Drag the center or drag corner points or the center edge points to reposition.
    • Height resizer is on the left and Width is on the bottom to resize, rotate, etc.