Flash Tools Continued
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More Tools:

Color: Use the Color panel in the top right corner. The color mixer allows you to select colors. The color swatch tab allows you to modify colors in the palette or save or import palettes.

  • Can apply to stroke or fill; Use Ink Bottle (stroke), Paint Bucket (fill)
  • Choose color in color box OR
  • Type hexidecimal color number in value box (pop-up window) OR
  • Select None for transparent stroke or fill OR
  • Use the Color Picker OR
  • Use the Swap Fill & Stroke box OR
  • Use Default Black & White box (All of the above are exactly like options in Photoshop).

WARNING: HOGS! +50bytes per fill, will slow down processors when play back, so use cautiously!

  • Sliding arrow with color can assign color by clicking on start or finish arrows.
  • To remove a gradient range marker, drag the arrow of the bar.
  • Can select a linear or radial gradient.
  • Use Gradient Transform tool to adjust position or size of gradiant.

Selecting and Moving Objects:

Arrow: Reshape lines and shape outlines.

  • Click once to select stroke or fill.
  • Click and hold to move end points of a line.
  • Double-click to select (stroke and fill) or multiple parts of the stroke.
  • Options:
    • smooth - softens curves, reduces bumps and # of segments (= smaller file size).
    • straighten - adjusts drawn lines to straight lines.
    • magnet - snap to other objects or grid if on (turn on View menu -> Grid).
  • Select Curve:
    • Modify Menu> Shape > Smooth: smooths all or selected curves (reduces file size).
    • Modify Menu> Shape > Straighten: - has shape recognition (converts your drawing to closest shape.
    • Modify Menu> Shape > Optimize, specify degree.
    • Optimize - reduces the number of points, can use multiple passes: ALWAYS optimize before publishing.

Selecting and modifying shapes:

  • Rollover it and notice shape beside cursor (curve or corner); drag to reshape.
  • Select the object and you can move entire shape.
  • Add to selection: Shift+Click.
  • Select everything ON A LAYER: Edit > Select All (Command+A).

(L) Lasso: Can switch between freeform and straight-edged modes SELECTOR.

  • Polygon Modifier (straight) - click move, click move, click to select; double-click to end.
  • Lasso can be used with bitmaps.

(Q) Free Transform Tool: select object first > Scale, Rotate, Flip, Skew, Perspective
OR use Modify Menu - Transform.

  • Can apply to a selection or group together.

Cut, Copy, Paste, etc.: Use for layers so you don't get confused or erase important info.

  • Paste (Paste in Center) - pastes in center of view (CMD+V).
  • Paste in Place - pastes exactly where it was copied from (Shift+CMD+V).
  • Duplicate - copy/paste and offset (CMD+D).

Group / Ungroup: Can't change the color or shape of entire group, but you can resize and rotate the group together.

  • Select Objects, Modify Menu -> Group (CMD+G) or Ungroup (Shift+CMD+G)
  • Protects objects and prevents them from interacting normally

Aligning Objects: Enables you to align objects along horizontal or vertical axis USE ALIGN PANEL.

  • Vertically along right edge, center, or left edge of objects.
  • Horizontally along top, center or bottom edge or objects (determined by bounding boxes).
  • Can distribute so centers are evenly spaced.
  • Can resize so that horiz or vert dimensions of object match largest.