Class Schedule - Fall 2006 - ARTC 331 - Bowling Green State University
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August                                                               Tentative Schedule
21 Mon Introduction: syllabus, account info and HW folder. Hypertext, Multimedia and HyperMedia. Browsers and URLS. HTML history. FTPing: Fetch / Ws-ftp. Intro. Notes Due: Blog 1
23 Wed Discussion of sites (Ex 1) -- Web/Interface design. How to make contact sheets in Photoshop. Usability Issues. Due: Exercise 1/Blog 2
28 Mon Blog review, scanning, In-Progress critique of site designs. Due: Exercise 2
30 Wed Crit. Cont. BB Edit - HTML editors. Basic HTML tags, Text formatting (CSS), Lists, Anchors. HTML Tags
4 Mon Labor Day - No school  
6 Wed Contact pages and votes due. Tags, CSS, Lists, Links. CSS Styles
HTML Lists
HTML Links
Exercise 3 Contact Sheet
Exercise 4 Votes
11 Mon Site Design - Image formats and optimization. Photoshop and ImageReady. Image Types
Image Optimization
Due: Photoshop file redesign 2
13 Wed CSS Global, Backgrounds, Tables. CSS Global
CSS Backgrounds
HTML Tables
18 Mon Technical and aesthetic overview of portfolio problems. Transferring layout to HTML. ImageReady rollovers, animated gifs, slices.

ImageReady Slices
ImageReady Rollovers
Animated GIFs
JS Rollovers

Due: Blog 3
Due: 3 pages designed in HTML
20 Wed Workday.  
25 Mon Critique Project 1. Due: Project 1
27 Wed Critique Project 1 continued. JavaScript review, margins, windows, compressing movies. Margins
Windows - samples
Compressing Video
2 Mon

Project 2 assigned. Project Description

Metatags, Image Maps.

Net-Art examples.

HTML Metatags
HTML Imagemaps

Due: Project 1 revised
4 Wed Forms. JavaScript, Windows, controlling multiple windows from a single link.

Forms Input
Forms Attributes
Forms - Advanced
What is JS? 1
Windows 2

Windows 3

9 Mon Fall Break - No class
11 Wed Review of Netart exercise and Assignments Due: Exercise 5
16 Mon Frames, iFrames JS Browser
Status Bar
Frames [1] [2] [3]
18 Wed More Javascript and HTML  
23 Mon Critique Project 2. Due: Project 2a
25 Wed Netart critique continued. Workday.  
30 Mon Critique of Art VBooks. Project 3 assigned.
Due: Project 2a revised & 2b Book art due
1 Wed Flash: Introduction to work the environment. FLA Introduction
FLA Drawing Tools FLA Other Tools
FLA Modify and Import
6 Mon Flash: Animation - frame-by-frame, tweening: shape and motion, motion paths and editing keyframes. Symbols, instances and frame labels.
In-class Exercise 1
FLA Symbols FLA Animation
8 Wed Basic navigation - stop() and gotoAndPlay(). Actions: types and locations. Flash: Publishing and Sound. Navigation
13 Mon Basic Terminology - variables and arrays, conditionals (if and case statements), loops (while and for). Text boxes - static, input and dynamic.
Due: Blog 4
Due: Flash Project 1 Animation
15 Wed Tech Fair and Review of final ideas
20 Mon Conditions and Loops, functions and callbacks. Timing Mechanisms. Conditions and Loops
Timing Mechanisms
Flash Ex. Flash Game
Flash Ex. Moody Face
Flash Ex. Calculator
Due: Final Flash Animation
22 Wed Thanksgiving Break - No classes.  
27 Mon Workday.  
29 Wed Workday.  
4 Mon Workday.  
6 Wed Final Critique Due: Final Assign.
EXAM week
11-15 Class does NOT meet. Final online portfolio, final blog entry and revised Final Project due by 5pm Dec 11. Due: Blog 5, Revised Final, Revised Portfolio