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Director Portfolio

Director Portfolio Assignment - Due: Tuesday, September 16

Create an interactive multimedia expressive art portfolio that showcases your best work in any medium. You must include the technical requirements listed below. You will be graded on the artistic idea and how well you executed it (use of color, composition, design of the screen, quality of the graphics, etc.) and also for each technical requirement met. The project should be done in MM Director and be divided into at least 3 sections (one Intro. page, and three other sections that are linked to this page). The main focus should be on creative design of the interface and the interaction. You should have between 10 and 20 artworks in your portfolio showcasing your BEST work.

Technical Requirements: Include the use of markers, and animated transitions from section to section. Must have the navigation working completely. Must have a rollover or animated navigation system. Use the visibility settings, member and/or blends. Do not resize the graphics in Director.

Save images as TIF

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