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Metaphor Animation Assignment

Due: Thursday August 28 - Initial brainstorming ideas

Due: Tuesday September 2 - Concept Statement

Due: Thursday October 16 - Storyboard

Due: Thursday November 6 - Modeling Done

Due: Thursday November 13 - Texturing and Lighting Done

Due: Tuesday November 25 - Playblast of one scene

Due: Thursday December 2 - Playblast of all scenes

Due: Thursday December 11 - All rendering complete

Due at the final critique Tuesday Dec 16 - Final Assignment

Metaphor Animation (Final Assignment)
Create a short animation that explores a theme in a metaphorical way. In other words, you should use objects as symbols to represent other things. Do not tell a literal narrative story that gives the viewer all the answers. Make the viewer think and contemplate the issues. It is all right if the animation can be interpreted many ways but be careful, there is a thin line between an animation that makes absolutely no sense and one that can have multiple interpretations. The animation should be very experimental. Do not think of a narrative in the traditional sense. Play with the structuring of time, place and events.

Focus on creative uses of the tools, effective use of timing, and the principles of animation. Use cuts and transitions in the piece, NO straight camera flybys will be accepted. When planning for cross dissolves, render an extra 1 to 3 seconds of animation on both ends of the transition. You may work with combining 2d images created in Photoshop or Painter or digital video and composite them together.

Technical Components:
The final animation must include particles and compositing! You may create realistic particles or create experimental effects with particles. You must use the tools and techniques taught in class this semester. The piece will be graded based on its advanced use of textures and shading, lighting, motion, composition, color, modeling, as well as the inclusion of the advanced dynamics (particles), expressions, rigid bodies, soft bodies, etc. we have learned in class.

Story and character design:

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