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Abstract Animation Assignment

Due: Tuesday Sept 25th Playblast of 1 scene (particles w/geometry)

Abstract Animation

Create a 30 - 40 second particle animation that combines abstract particles with geometric objects. Your goal should be to express ideas using color, texture, shape, line, value, motion, and timing. To begin with you MUST think about what you would like to say as an artist. You must develop the concept and think about the feelings you want to evoke in the audience. You should focus on a non-narrative piece without main characters. You can create entirely non-objective shapes and particles or combine recognizable shapes with abstraction.

Although your animation will not be a narrative story, it should have a beginning, middle and end. It can also have conflict, resolution, climax and suspense. Your combination of unusual elements should provoke me to thinking about the possible meaning of your piece. It is perfectly OK if there are multiple interpretation of your work but you should have a goal and use the elements of art to try to accomplish that goal.

Concept: Think about Life in Transition and what that means to you.

Technical issues and requirements: Use at least 3 different files with different environments, actions, etc. in them. We will be putting the piece together in post-production - do not attempt to create all the scenes in a single file. You should have multiple actions happening and cut or use cross-dissolves to go from one scene to the other. Think carefully about the editing of your film. You may need closeups, midshots, longshots, pans, zooms, etc. to convey the mood you are seeking.

Research: Go to the Library or WWW or find a magazine and get photocopies of the special effects and objects you will be including in your project. You should have as many references as possible.

Remember: No Raytracing on animations.

Projects will be graded on quality NOT quantity - no animation longer than 1 minute!

Do not include human or animal-like characters.

Use effective lighting, textures and shadows.

Audio: Start with the music/audio and synchronize your motion to the audio. You MUST use copyright free audio. You have a few choices:

Create your own audio (it can be abstracted also - it does not have to be music)
Get someone to create it for you
Find some copyright free audio

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