ARTC 2210 - Digital Imaging


In ARTC 2210, you will learn to use the computer as an art tool.  The art is the emphasis and the tools (computer, peripherals, and software) are secondary. 

You will explore 2D paint, image manipulation, and vector-based programs using various peripherals such as scanners, tablets, digital cameras, and image capture techniques.  This will also include an investigation of artistic digital printing techniques.

Class lectures will include demonstrations, discussions of readings, theory and artwork, and technical exploration.

Class time will be available exploring software and hardware tools and working on projects; outside work will also be required to complete assigned projects. 

Five studio hours.  Prerequisites: ARTC 201, ART 102, ART 103, ART 112, or
consent of instructor. 

Students will learn to use the computer as a tool for creating artwork. 

The conceptualization and creation of artwork is the primary focus; attaining expertise in the operation of the software and hardware used in this class is important in acquiring the necessary skills to create the work. 

Students will also be expected to build knowledge in the area of art history and theory as it applies to the course material.  Reading and research assignments and class lecture/discussions will be focused on providing students with pertinent art history and theory to enhance the conceptual development of their work on project assignments. 


Instructor - Andreas Baumgartner