Readings on e-Reserves

All readings are .pdf file online at Jerome Library E-Reserves

course password: 331S08FL31

HTML, XHTML and CSS (Sixth Ed.) - Visual Quickstart Guide, Elizabeth Castro, Peachpit Press, 2007.

Chapter 3 - Basic (X)HTML Structure

Chapter 7 - Style Sheet Building Blocks

Chapter 9 - Defining Selectors for CSS

Chapter 10 and 11 - Formatting and Layout with Styles

JavaScript and AJAX (Sixth Ed.) - Visual Quickstart Guide, Tom Negrino and Dori Smith, Peachpit Press, 2007.

Chapter 1 - Getting Acquainted with JavaScript

Chapter 2 - Start Me Up!

Chapter 3 - Language Essentials

User-Centered Website Development, A Human-Computer Interaction Approach, Daniel D. McCracken and Rosalee J. Wolfe, Pearson Education, Pearson Prentic Hall, 2004.

Chapter 2 - Capabilities of Human Beings

Chapter 5 - Visual Organization

Safari Books Online

All readings are online available through OhioLINK via Jerome Library

At Safari Online Books / ProQuest Site - In upper left SEARCH - enter: Flash CS3

Adobe Flash CS3 Professional On Demand, Andy Anderson and Steve Johnson, 2007.

Visual QuickStart Guide Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, Katherine Ulrich, 2007.

Suggested Readings

Envisioning Information, Edward R. Tufte, Graphics Press, 1990.

Layering and Separation, and Color and Information - chapters of note

2 Copies in Science Stacks at Jerome Library

Essential ActionScript 3.0, Colin Moock, O'Reilly Media, Adobe Developer Library, 2007.

Flash Math Creativity, (Second Ed.), Friends of Ed, 2004.

Learning ActionScript 3.0, O'Reilly, 2007.

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This list of Readings is subject to change during the course – the instructor will notify students of changes.