Online Resources

BLOGGER - free BLOG site

Web Sites that Suck Web Design tips - exploring good design by looking at bad design Jakob Nielsen site containing resources for usable information technology Usable website - contains hundreds of links pertaining to Web usability

The HCI Bibliography Library search of over twenty thousand books and articles in their database

SIGCHI focusing on work in engineering the hardware and software for interactive systems

online student art community STUART Saatchi Gallery UK

Adobe Kuler Color Theory

Colors on the Web Color Theory

w3 Schools Web Authoring

(X)HTML code validator on site

Cookwood Press XHTML and CSS Visual Quickstart author, Elizabeth Castro website

Advanced Buttons - with CSS A List Apart - Web Design resource site by Douglas Bowman Lorem Ipsum text generator site - nonsense text for designing text layout

Audio / Video for Web Examples of Audio and Video for Web Delivery - Linked and Embedded - at Low (56kpbs), Medium(100kbps), and High(256kbps) Bandwith - in Real, Windows Media, QuickTime, and MP3 formats.

Art Interactive public art space in Boston for art that is contemporary, experimental, and participatory

Interactive Artwork Internet (Net) Art and other related Interactive Art sites - artist sites and online artworks

CSS EXAMPLES 3 samples of CSS for formatting,layout, and image popup and rollover References - Tutorials - Examples References - Tutorials - Examples

Web Reference - JavaScript References - Articles - Examples JavaScript toolkit for intermediate to advanced javascripters

Forms Example Using a form menu to select options - trigger change in image source

Forms Example Using form buttons to select options - trigger change in image source

Radio Buttons Using a set of radio buttons to select an option - trigger change in image source - using frameset

random pages Setting up a random destination within a range

window with sound Setting up a second browser window with an image and sound to launch from a link

random six die - count number of one and two rolls using javascript to generate a random roll of six die - also counts the number of times for ones and twos.

Free Sound Sample Sites
A1 Free Sound Effects
sound snap

Learning ActionScript 3 Companion Site to the Book of the same name - Discussions - Tutorials - Examples

CSS Zen Garden - examples of web design with CSS
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This set of Online Resources is subject to change during the course – the instructor will notify students of changes.