Due Dates

Research Wednesday January 9 - Class 2

Email me your URL

Source Images Monday January 14 - Class 3

Scanned Images or Objects Wednesday January 16 - Class 4

Final Images Wednesday January 30 - Class 7

Fine Arts Prints Wednesday February 13 - Class 11


Create a series of 5 digital images using Photoshop. Choose a subject; create a series of related images that explore this subject.

We will have readings, discussions, and lectures to aid you in your approach to your subject.

Use images from sources including photos (digital or film), books, magazines, newspapers, and other print to be input via scanner. You can also scan in ojects. If you use appropriated imagery - use images from sources that can be scanned.


To develop technical skills including Photoshop, and digital imaging with photography and scanner input. To gain experience with output to high quality prints from digital images in Photoshop. To develop conceptual skills and use understanding of related theory to create artworks.


Research to select a subject, find other artists work in this area that you find interesting. We will go over a method of brainstorming to find a subject.

Use photography to create a minimum of 24 images using a film or digital camera. If you use a film camera, have the film developed and print your images or have them put on a Photo CD. If you print the images - bring the prints to class and scan them in.

Find source material that will be brought into the computer via the scanner - this includes print material and other objects which can be scanned.

Work in Photoshop to create your images.

Finalize your images for presentation on Wednesday January 30.

From the critique for this project - you will select 2 of the 5 images for output to high quality prints. The selected images can be reworked before printing. Projects


Once you have chosen a subject for your project, let me know what that is. I may have suggestions to assist you in your selection.

You cannot use digital images from the internet or other online sources.

Submission Requirements

Research submitted on blog at blogger.com - email me the link to your blog before the due date - Wednesday January 9 - Class 2.

Source Images photo prints, or digital files - minimum 24 shots.

Scanned Images digital files

Final Images submitted to class homework folder on server prior to start of class on due date - Wednesday January 30 - Class 7

Format for Final Images 150 or 300dpi / 8-12 inches x 8-12 inches, flattened TIF (.tif)


Each image in the series will be graded along with the overall series and your presentation of final work and participation in the class critique. You will be graded on concept, composition, creativity, execution and technical ability.

You will be graded on your ability to meet the individual deadlines associated with this project.

This project will be worth 22.5% of your final grade.

Please note

Ask any questions during the project in class or contact me by email or stop by office hours to clarify any questions you have about the project.