Due Dates

Copy of Journal Entry Monday November 19 - Class 24

Final Images Wednesday December 5 - Class 29


Make at a minimum 3 to 5 images using Photoshop and/or Painter. The subject matter is of your own choice.


To develop technical skills in Photoshop and/or Painter and to develop conceptual skills. To build on skills learned during the semester - and to incorporate theories from course readings.


Decide on a subject.

Develop ideas in journal - I will sit down with you individually and go over your journal for previous projects and this final project.

Demos of Photoshop CS3 techniques will be given in class to help you in using this as a tool for the project.

Review previous readings for concepts and theories.


Build on Photoshop CS3 and Painter X skills for for this project.

Avoid purely abstract works. Use this project as an opportunity to explore subject matter you may not have attempted previously. Incorporate ideas related to readings assigned to this point of the semester.

Submission Requirements


Turn in a COPY of your journal entry. It will include:

1) Sketch and describe your work. Talk about any ideas/story behind it.

2) Write about the concept for your images.

Final Images

Place all group and individual images in specified project one folder on server.

All images must be saved in the TIFF (.tif) format

Format flattened TIFF (.tif)


You will be graded on your ability to complete the assignment.

You will be graded on concept, formal qualities (composition, color, etc.), and technical mastery.

This project will be worth 20% of your final grade.

Please note

Ask any questions during the project in class or contact me by email or stop by office hours to clarify any questions you have about the project.