Due Dates

Copy of Journal Entry Wednesday September 5 - Class 5

Final Images Wednesday September 5 - Class 5


Create a series of 5 digital images using Painter. Using group methods for four of the images and creating one image individually, create a series connected images.


To develop technical skills in Painter. To gain experience with a variety of collaboration techniques. To develop conceptual skills.


Collaborate using the following methods:

Exquisite Corpse
One image that is a result of collaboration based on the exquiste corpse technique discussed in class. This does not need to be a body - can be any subject matter. Label this image EC_[group number]

One image that follows the method of collaboration discussed in class where each group member adds to the image in turns. Label this image ALL_[group number]

Your Choice
One image that follows a method of collaboration which you choose - be inventive. Label these two images ChoiceA_[group number] and ChoiceB_[group number]

Individual Response
One image that is your own image - a response to the group processes used in this project. Label this image [LastName]


No scanned or acquired imagery - create your images using the tools in Painter that have been demonstrated and used in class - explore the program tools for this project.

Avoid purely abstract works. Use this project as an opportunity to explore subject matter you may not have attempted previously.

Submission Requirements


Sketch and describe your group project. Explain the connection between the images.

Explain the method of collaboration you created for the Choice images.

Include any comments about working in groups.

Final Images

Place all group and individual images in specified project one folder on server.

All images must be 1MB or smaller and saved in the RIFF (.riff) format

Format 72dpi / 500 pixels x 500 pixels, flattened RIFF (.riff)


You will be graded on your ability to complete the assignment.

You will be graded on concept, composition, creativity, and execution.

This project will be worth 13% of your final grade.

Please note

Ask any questions during the project in class or contact me by email or stop by office hours to clarify any questions you have about the project.