Due Dates

Concept Tuesday September 25 - Class 11

Email me your URL or hannd in typed.

Storyboards Thursday September 27 - Class 12

Rough Edits in iMovie Tuesday October 9 - Class 14

Second Edits Thursday October 11 - Class 15

Final Edit on Mini-DV and DVD Tuesday October 16 - Class 16


Create a short (2-5 minute) video using a dv camcorder and iMovie. Choose a subject; decide on a creative approach, and create a work of video art that is a result of your planning and execution, and editing skills.

We will have readings, discussions, and lectures to aid you in your approach to your subject.


To develop technical skills including using a dv camcorder, and editing with iMovie. To gain experience with output using iMovie and creating a DVD with iDVD. To develop conceptual skills and use understanding of related theory to create video art.


Purchase at least 2 Mini-DV tapes (available at BestBuy and other electronics stores) - purchase good quality tape i.e. - Sony, Fuji etc - not a cheapo brand. You will also need a few DVD-R discs (-R) for Macs.

Research to select a subject, find other artists work in this area that you find interesting. We will go over a method of brainstorming to find a subject.

Develop a concept - write this out in a short description - post this to your BLOG or use a word processor and print it out to hand in. You will present your concept to a group of classmates and get feedback to further develop your idea.

Create storyboards for your video and bring to class for feedback.

Plan your shoots - gather your shots using the storyboards as a guide. Bring your mini-DV tape to class and import the footage into iMovie to create a initial or rough edit of your project.

Using your rough edit - practice outputing your project to Mini-DV tape.

Create your final edit in iMovie - output to Mini-DV tape and to DVD using iDVD.


Once you have chosen a subject for your project, let me know what that is. I may have suggestions to assist you in your selection.

The only source for media will be video and audio shot with your dv camcorder.

Submission Requirements

Concept Proposal

submitted on blog at blogger.com - email me the link to your blog before the due date - or printed on paper - handed in.

Describe the concept for your video in paragraph form. Include: 1) your clearly stated concept, 2) what type of footage (location, and who or what is in the video), 3) your intention (what you want the audience to think about the piece), 4) audio details, sequencing and shots, and timing., 5) must be typed and in paragraph form.


Storyboards must contain ALL of the following six items: 1) a sketch of each shot, 2) description of plot/action of narrative, 3) intentded cuts or transitions, 4) camera work (framing of shots), 5) sound description, 6) estimation of timecode (minutes:seconds:frames).

Rough Edit

on Mini-DV tape.

Final Project / Edit

submitted on Mini-DV tape and DVD.


Each part of the project (concept, storyboard, rough edit, final edit) will be graded along with participation in the class critique. You will be graded on concept, creativity, execution and technical ability.

You will be graded on your ability to meet the individual deadlines associated with this project.

This project will be worth 25% of your final grade.

Please note

Ask any questions during the project in class or contact me by email or stop by office hours to clarify any questions you have about the project.