Facial animation, body language, Phonemes, Expressions, and lipsync handouts


DUE DATES (the first two I will not check, but are meant for your own time management)

Draw character (frontal and profile):  Due Thursday, October 31 (I will not check this)

Face modeled with Blend shapes:        Due Thursday November 7th (You will not turn this in)

Playblast of entire phrase:                   Due Thursday November 14th

Animation Due on Tape:                     Due Tuesday, November 19th


Character Design Assignment:

Part 1:  Draw a non-human, non-realistic character head and neck in profile and in a frontal pose on two different pieces of paper.  The character should be highly original and have a strong personality that will be apparent through the facial features.  It must have 2 eyes, a mouth, eyebrows, cheeks, nose, and chin.  These should be exaggerated and designed differently than a standard human face.


Look at many cartoon sources, especially more inventive ones like SpongeBob or CatDog.  In addition, look at some Fine Art sources, like the paintings and drawings of Bosch, Durer, James Ensor, Hyman Bloom, Jan Steen, and Francesco Goya.  It might help to make a few sketches of these before doing your own.


Part 2:  Scan in your drawings and save as TIF and put them in your sourceimages folder of a new project for this assignment.   Call it something that makes sense to you.


Animation Part:

Create a short animation of a character’s face speaking a three to five word phrase.  Make sure that the character has exaggerated expression when it speaks.  In other words, your character should show a feeling, emotion, or attitude.  Think of attitudes or personality types such as grumpy, goofy ultra serious, love struck, furious, etc.  It is not sufficient to just show a character that is happy or sad.  For example, a grumpy character might growl in-between words.


Start by:  Modeling the head and neck only.  Use polygons and the method discussed in class.  USE YOUR DRAWINGS IN THE MODEL.  Set up blendshapes for the general sounds you will need.  Include key expressions in you blendshapes.



Your final tape should include all animations you did this semester:  Ball Bounce, Visual Poetry, Lip Sync, Final, and optionally the Dr. Suess assignment.  Each animation should have at least a still title.