Set Driven Key and Paths

In class and take home exercises.

Turn in exercise #4 (below), DUE October 29 at class time.


Exercise 1:  Make a door that opens when a sphere wants to pass through it.


Exercise 2:  Make one object and parent 2-3 objects to it

Have the parented object’s translation effect its own rotation


Exercise 3:  Make 2 Driver objects and one Driven

      Have different attributes on the Driver effect the same attribute of the Driven


Exercise 4:  Make an animation of a Dr. Seuss-like machine using set driven key and path animation.  Your machine should be simple and constructed of primitives or shapes that have lots of parts that move, scale, or rotate when affected by other parts of the machine.  Do not add complex lights or textures.  I will only view the Maya file to see that you have the concepts down.   


Create a folder with your name on it in the Assignment5-> HomeworkEber folder on ArtNt.  Turn in your entire Maya project.  Also, leave a text file with the names of your driven objects.


This is an exercise and I will grade mostly on completion of the assignment.


Exercise 5:  see hard copy, next page.