ARTC312             Intermediate 3D Animation           Fall 02            Narrative Analysis


DUE: Thursday, October 24

One narrative analysis paper, 3 pages storyboard drawings and information


Read the handout:

Shot by Shot Storyboards

Principles of Animation Handout


Go to Artserver->HomeworkEber and choose one of the following animations:

Knick Knack


Happy Hour


Create a storyboard of a short sequence of the animation (maximum of 12 drawings). In the sequence, you will draw one or more frames per camera cut.  For each frame:

           Describe the action.

           Describe the camera cuts or transitions (Camera Cuts: pan/track/zoom/dolly/crane, Transitions: cut/dissolve/fade)

           Describe the Audio type — sound track, sound effects

           Timing: how long is the cut and how long does the action take?


Complete the narrative analysis paper.

Number each shot in storyboard, refer to numbers when discussing shots.



• Describe the elements in the environment, refer to different shots and be specific.

• How do the elements contribute to the meaning of the story.

• Describe the atmosphere, including lighting, time of day, color relations.


• Describe personality of each, the interaction between characters, main and supporting characters.

• Describe the position of character(s) in frame (foreground, midground, background, left, center, right; close, medium, long shot.) Why do you think the animator choose this framing?



• Describe opening shots, why do you think the animator choose these shots to begin?

• Describe the closing shots, how do you think this resolves the story?

• Describe the narrative structure in terms of conflict and resolution.

• Describe the role of sound and music to create mood, emotion, and its part in the unfolding of the narrative.