ARTC 312     Making Your Files into Movies using AfterEffects


Render the frames in Maya (NO Alpha Mask)

            Resolution 640x480

            Frame Padding = 3

            File ext:  name.#.ext


Save all files in a folder with your name in

NT Lab:  TempRender  or Mac Lab:  MachineNameRender  (NOT your account)


Quit Maya and Open AfterEffects



Projects (.aep) - only one can be opened at a time

            holds all the pieces of your animation


Importing your animation (import only creates a link to the file   

*Don't move or rename source files!)       

            File - Import – Footage Files

            Select the first file in your sequence

            Click TIF Sequence



File information next to the thumbnail image in the Project window

            (depends on the file type)


Composition Menu

            Select New Composition

            Composition Settings

                        Name the file (username_comp)

            Width and Height - 640 x 480

            Frame Rate - 30

            Resolution - Full

            Duration - number of frames divided by 15 (seconds) - the remainder is the frames

                        0:00:06:20     =   0 hours, 0 minutes, 6 seconds,  20 frames



The Composition window:

            Shows the animation


Drag animation from the Project into the Composition Window (it snaps in place)




            Numbers in Blue on top left = current time


Top of timeline sliders

             Top one is entire view (whole animation)

             Next slider is work area (just the area you want to work in and see as preview)


To scale the animation to be 30 frames per second


Select the animation layer in the timeline

Layer menu - Time Stretch...

Stretch Factor = 200%



To watch the animation

            Hit the space bar to start and stop


To do Ram Preview

            Composition menu - Preview - RAM Preview

            Use last Arrow (with the lines before it) in the Time Controls to get a RAM preview

            Set the Resolution to half in the TimeControl Window to get a longer preview


To Render Movie

            Save the Project before making a movie

            Quit all other Applications

            Composition menu - Make Movie

            Name it - name.avi

Save it to a the C:/TempRender or  machinenameRender on the Mac

(NOT your network account)

            Don’t worry about the Save as Type box we will change this later


Click Current Settings (blue)

            Quality = Best

            Resolution = Full

            * Time Span - Length of Comp (make sure its set right in the Composition Settings)

            Frame Rate - 30


Click Output Module - Lossless (blue)

            Format - Quicktime Movie

            Video Output

                        Format Options

                                    Select Animation, High, 30 fps

                                                No key



                        Channels RGB (NO alpha)

                        Depth (millions)



Open Current Render Details by clicking the arrow in the window


            Click Render



****Be careful about the setting because they affect the size:


Using Animation Compression

10 seconds video (no audio) =      50 megs @ best

                                                            25 megs @ high

                                                            13 megs @ medium