ARTC 312 Intermediate Animation     Final Animation     Fall 2002


Assignment: Final Project-Personification of Objects


Final due on Tape December 08th (?) (We will discuss this in class)

Storyboard Due Thursday November 21st

Playblast of most of your animation Tuesday, November 26th


Create a short 1 minute animation that depicts the story of two objects and their interaction.  Each object should have a defined personality and act accordingly.  The characters should each experience a change of emotion during the animation.  The objects should not have arms, legs, or facial expressions.  The focus should be on creating interesting, believable motion that conveys the appropriate emotion.  You should exaggerate the emotions.  Think about the weight of the object.  How does the weight effect the motion?  You should act out the emotion in front of a mirror or have a friend act it out so that you understand the fine nuances that signify an emotional state.  Your animation should contain camera cuts and should  not be shorter than 4 seconds each unless they are happening during a fast action sequence.  Find appropriate places to cut so that the continuity of the action and story is not disrupted.  You should also experiment with camera angles and avoid placing all of the action in the center of the screen.  Have some close-ups, medium and long shots.  Plan for cross dissolves and render out extra animation at the end or beginning and add them later in Media 100.


Object 1:                                                                    Object 2:                                                                   

Emotion:                                                                    Emotion:                                                                   


The objects:

Choose from the following objects to include in your animation.  If you have another object in mind then run it by me first.  The following objects have been selected because of their simplicity and ease of animation.  You must personify the object by having it act like a human being without the addition of legs, arms or facial expression.


coffee cup






top hat











video tape


floppy disk

yo yo






tin can

simple plant

thumb tack


staple remover

pop can


Storyboard Due Thursday November 21

Create a professional storyboard for your animation that could be used by someone else to develop your idea.  It should contain the following elements (each element receives a grade):


Images - at least 1 per cut or shot - many shots will need more than that.

Written description - describe what visually is not apparent in your images.

Timing - how long will each shot take.

Audio - what will it sound like during that shot (sound FX, music, ambient sounds)

Transitions/Camera Information:  how does the audience get to the scene (cut, fade in from black, etc.,) how do they leave the scene (cut out, cross dissolve out, etc.) and is the camera moving (pan left, zoom in, etc.)


Storyboard is also graded on:

Idea - how well have you thought out the piece - how creative and original is it - is it a complete story - does it have a good conclusion?

Presentation - is it mounted nicely on mat board, is it typed, does it look professional?