Learning new software can be rough, so we've done what we can to compile a list of helpful tutorials, guides and resources for our fellow students to help ease the pain.

If you have any tutorials that you don't see on the list that could be helpful to others, send a quick link with a short description to one of our Webmasters!

Various Maya Tutorials involving lighting, rendering, texturing and particle systems.

Sister site to The Gnomon Workshop. Several free video tutorials that cover specific techniques from sub-surface scattering to skin shaders

Tutorials that cover a spectrum of different topics in a number of different 3D packages.

A nice collection of step-by-step tutorials for a huge variety of different 3D techniques.

A handful of tutorials on concepts such as basic three-point lighting, depth maps and HDRI

Quick and dirty tutorials for everything under the sun from Photoshop to PHP to Microsoft Word

Simple how-to's for specific techniques in a wide variety of programs and coding languages.

Another site that runs the gamut with tutorials for every program and language out there.

Spoonfed Photoshop.  Extremely detailed tutorials on some very professional-looking techniques.

A very nice archive of tutorials from all over the web, including some of the other sites listed here.

 A collection of more Illustrator tutorials and tutorial sites than you could ever need.

Compete agianst others and create the best lighting for the supplied 3D Scene.

A monthly competition to created the best animation to an 11 second sound clip. The winner gets critiqued by a professional animator!