Below is a list of potential Internship opportunities. We encourage everyone to persue options in which they are interested. If you know of internships which should be added to the list, do not hesitate to email them to one of our Webmasters

 The famous Walt Disney Animation Studio. They have two separate programs for returning students and recent grads. There's a wide amount of positions available covering every aspect of the animated film process.

One of the most prestigious video game companies ever. These are the guys responsible for Starcraft, Diablo, and World of Warcraft. There are a good amount of internships available ranging from animation to character design, programmers to web design.

Disney's main Interactive studio, They cover the wide range of the Disney Company as a whole. Many variety of internships are available. From Web design to Gaming to Production

Animation Studio in Connecticut. Most known for Ice Age. Offers just Story,   Design and Production Assistant.

Its Pixar... They probably have one of the best internship programs available.   They provide housing, food, pay ($12/hr), and their program is called Pixar   University Program, or PUP. They pay you to let you go to your school.

There are production/business interns as well as some animation, pipeline ones.   Mouseover Company > Careers > Click either DWA (Dreamworks Animation) or   PDI Internships. The DWA allows you to scroll down at the bottom to see the   art ones.

There are production/business interns as well as some animation, pipeline ones.   Mouseover Company > Careers > Click either DWA (Dreamworks Animation) or   PDI Internships. The DWA allows you to scroll down at the bottom to see the   art ones.

A realistic special effects studio. A rival of sorts to ILM. To get to   Internship click: Careers > Internships. Most recently won Academy Award for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

George Lucas' departments. Have a WIDE range of positions available from   Production, Gaming, Animation, Special Effects, Sound, Editing. Every position   in film making is available as an internship.

Known for doing special effects and animation in movies such as Hulk, Garfield,   Cinematics for Ninja Gaiden. Are not offering internships but they have an   apprenticeship program for those graduating.

A graphics card manufacturer. More of a CS/ developing internship. They have a   very nice internship package for those interested.

Software developer with many industry standard products. Like MAYA!

Most know for the Elder Scrolls Series and Fallout. They don't require   experience for their jobs application so it might be worth it to check it out   for those who are graduating.

Electronic Arts is the biggest video game empire, and it has a very robust and   elaborate internship program for all aspects of gaming, Business and Art.

Portland based 3D Studio

Nothing in art really, and you'd probably be doing slave work, but hey you'd be on a movie lot in California.

Most know for The Venture Brothers. they do various work on commercials, interactive, web, and other new media. Must contact directly. Based in New York.

An animation company who just finished their first feature film called: Foodfight. They get contracted to do effects for movies or do commercial work. Must contact directly and include "TAS Internship" as subject line

A studio that does various animation work. must contact directly. 

A very large game company. They are merged with Blizzard Entertainment but both companies still act very separate from one another. From my impression it seems that you apply for an internship then they find a smaller studio (Infinaty Ward, Neversoft) to place you in but I could be wrong!

A stop motion internship, it says they are looking for winter interns, so I'd assume they do summer ones as well, must contact directly to find out!

Root Learning develops products and services using innovative learning methodologies to help transform companies and engage employees at all levels, and create understanding and action on key strategic issues. Root Learning’s client list is predominantly Fortune 1000 organizations, and includes many global based companies. We are a rapidly growing company that employs over 100 professionals with headquarters in Sylvania, Ohio (Toledo).

This position requires an individual who is self-motivated, organized, and driven and can work both independently and within a small team. Rapid learning and implementation of new technologies are essential skills for the design and development of a wide array of projects for internal and external customers. Must have good communication skills and a keen ability for problem solving.

Position Requirements:
•Junior or Senior in Computer Science, Digital Arts, Visual Communication or related fields
•Experience with Flash and ActionScript 3 development
•Experience with front-end Web development skills such as JavaScript, or other similar programming languages.
•Understanding of art and design concepts
•Understanding and promotion of best-practice web usability guidelines

Optional Skills and Experience:
•Software development methodology
•Zend framework