Welcoming the New

Most likely you will have noticed the changes and developments that the Computer Art Club's website has undergone during the past few days. The site has been redesigned with several drastic changes in a effort to better reach the needs represented by the community. The past several months have seen a shift in how the site was being used, mostly instigated by the introduction of the forums, with people becoming more inclined to participate in the community. Our goal is to continue to promote this momentum, and reach a more robust, creative level of interaction.

The previous forum system was important in the progress it represented, but it was a very flawed system in it's use and integration with the rest of the CAC web experience. This new direction seeks to remedy several of the past issues, and provide a more complete experience to the users. Key factors introduced to aid in this reimaging include a site-wide account profile, commenting on news articles, a better wysiwyg content editor, frame-by-frame video playback, and some low level integration with the facebook group.

In addition to the physical features in this iteration of the site, being built on a content management system, it has opened the content generation process to a wider set of people. As the community becomes more active, so should the officers, and that is exactly what will happen. News, resources, and information should flow at a more rapid rate as all the officers become able to directly participate in its creation!

While there are still several rough edges to be worked out, most of the kinks should be invisible. All the old site content should be back up within the new few days, starting with the internship information, for those who are currently applying. The next month or so will represent a transitionary period, with fine tunings and small additions happening almost all the time. I am very excited about the site and the community it represents, I hope you will take the time to explore the new site and see what features it has to offer. 

As mentioned, there are still several small issues at different parts of the site, and if you happen to run across something to doesn't work, or appears to be acting up, please don't hesitate to let us know (f you're viewing this with IE, the bug with the menu is a top priority!). You can email the webmaster, or even just post a comment about it below!

We are also aware that with the new system, a lot of the old features work differently now. If you have any questions about how to do or access something, please, comment on it here! That way we can build a quick reference for everyone during this transitionary period.  

To get us started, several people have run into trouble posting images on forum, a quick guide to follows:

You have two options when trying to include images.

UPDATED: Adding images is now significantly easier! Beneath a new post/topic window is now an 'images' dialog. To add an image to the post, all you have to do is upload the image, and then hit the 'insert' button. Ignore the thumbnail error, it will have no adverse effect. This will add the image right into the wysiwyg editor. 

Your other option is the 'Attach New File' dialog below the WYSIWYG editor. Chose a file and then click the 'attach button'. This can be used for more than just images, the full list of extensions is listed next to the button. Anything added here will show up as a list of links at the bottom of your post.

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