Visiting Artist - Walter Behrnes

BGSU Digital Arts Alumni, and previous professor, Walter Behrnes will on campus to discuss his experiance in the industry, his personal art, and the philosophy he brings to creative process. At the first lecture on Saturday, aimed specificly at art students, Walter will talk about how he got into the industry, his special effects/animation work and the experiances of working on major films. 

Following that, on Monday, at the offical ARTTalks presentation, Walter will delve deeper into his own processes and his evolution as an artist. From the School of Art's webpage:

Walter Behrnes is a prolific artist and incredibly talented BGSU alumni who will be on campus to discuss his artwork as well as his philosophy. While making art, he poses a provocative questions revolving around the subject of consciousness and the self. Questions such as "Who am ''I'' ", and "How do I view the world?" help to define new dimensions in his work. In his lecture, he will illustrate how this philosophical investigation directly affects the art he creates. 

Do not miss this excellent opportunity!

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