Visiting Artist: Jessica Wascak

"Erasing to Reveal - Poetic Text and Image Pairings"
Workshop: 1pm
Lecture: 5-6pm
For this
workshop we will explore text and imagery in sequential form through the
conversations that form when pairing photographic sequences and
blackout poems. We will analyze the outcomes of the poems to determine
more about what drives each artist to create.

Blackout poetry
focuses on rearranging words to create a different meaning. The author
eliminates whatever words or images he sees as unnecessary or irrelevant
to the effect he's seeking to create. The central idea is to devise a
completely new text sequence from previously published words and images.

Image sequences can be created in the same way. As a photographer one must eliminate information in the frame in order to see what is really in front of them.

When these text and images are paired together they will form a
conversation that can reveal new meaning yet again - about the work, the
creator, and the viewer.
Bring a camera phone or digital camera and a laptop with Photoshop, incase seats in the computer lab fill up.
The duration of the workshop can be shortened or lengthened as needed, and will include:
- presentation / directions
- creation of blackout poems
- shooting photographs
- refining poems / arranging imagery
- titling / displaying / discussing finished works

There will be time after the workshop to speak with Jessica and perhaps show her some of your work.