SIGGRAPH 2010 Exhibition

SIGGRAPH 2010 Exhibition:A Glimpse into the Future of Technology

By Brandon Moore


With the rapid development of technology in the 21st century, many new ideas and products are introduced to improve the facets of today's society. Each year, the SIGGRAPH Exhibition attracts vendors from around the world who come to demonstrate the newest developments and products they have to offer to the world of technology, computer graphics and interactivity.  These products range from software used to develop special effects in movies, to hardware that can scan 3D images of the human body, and more. 


Mike Weil, Exhibitor Manager, has been with SIGGRAPH since 1992, getting a first hand look at the emerging technologies introduced at the Exhibition.  "I have always been interested in seeing on the tradeshow floor today what will be available in the future," said Weil.  " In 1992 high-definition television was demonstrated, which in the last few years has become apart of everyday life."


The amount of exhibitors at SIGGRAPH is immense, consisting this year of 175 vendors, 51 of which happen to be international, representing countries such as Korea, Costa Rica, Columbia, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Bulgaria.  With such a large number of vendors, the Exhibition is able to appeal to a wide audience, meeting the interest of many attendees, including animators, artists, engineers, and game developers. 


This year, the SIGGRAPH Conference is being held in Los Angeles, the epicenter of the entertainment world.   "Knowing the eyes of the top Hollywood studios will be focused on SIGGRAPH 2010 many exhibitors push their developers to have new products ready to be launched at SIGGRAPH each year," said Weil. " There is a lot of incentive to get [products] in front of the SIGGRAPH audience as 20% annually spend more than $100,000 per year on products they see at the Exhibition."  Weil is confident that exhibitors specializing in animation and special effects will benefit from this year's conference, influencing the movies we will watch in the future. 

The conference will also feature tech talks from renowned companies such as Intel and AMD, providing in depth information on the latest developments in their research and products. Other companies will also be represented, including CCT International, who specializes in 5D construction, advancing the way engineers and project managers visualize and control construction projects.  

So what new technologies should we look forward to?  With the progression of 3D in today's world, Mike Weil is excited to see what can be done with 3D scanners. "This year I am interested in seeing the Artec booth," said Weil. "They develop and sell 3D scanners, also known as 3D cameras, which work in real time, and they are easy to use.  Artec has a whole division dedicated to 3D face recognition technology. Biometric security, which measures physical characteristics of a person, is an emerging market." The 3D scanning technology will also benefit medical imaging, providing accurate scans that can improve orthopedics, dietology, and satisfaction regarding plastic surgery.  You can learn about dietology and how Artec is advancing the medical field by visiting  With the progression of biometric security, Artec has also been able to improve airport security by utilizing detailed 3D scans of the human body (  As the technology progressed, Artec suggested its potential use in the handheld and mobile market (  There is much to be explored with this new technology and the results could change many aspects of society in the future.

With the conference close approaching, there is much to look forward to in this year's Exhibition.  It will be an exciting time for emerging technologies and will affect the way we live our everyday lives.  Whether you are a consumer who can't wait to get your hands on the newest piece of technology, or a casual enthusiast interested in the latest gadgets, the Exhibition provides a perfect venue to get a glimpse of the future.

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