Officer Nominations

The Computer Art Club is taking nominations for officers for 2011-2012 school year.

You may nominate yourself or others for the following positions, All Nominations are due by next Wednesday 2/23.

President - Responsible for organizing the events and meetings that go on.

Treasurer - In charge of the CAC funding, must go to monthly meetings with a financial officer.

Secretary - In charge of promotion of events and getting the word out about our organization

Webmaster - In charge of maintaining the CAC website

Please email all nominations to


All officer's who are nominated will also be nominated for the equivalent role in the BGSU ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter

There will be 2 Secretary positions.
And the 2nd most votes for president will become the vice-president.

All nominees will be responsible for coming to a meeting prior to the voting. The meeting to be announced at a later date

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