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Over the past few months the activity and enthusiasm on the CAC Facebook page has continued to grow exponentially. Unfortunately, the paltry structure is not fit to handle the awesome capacity of content that our members and alumni have so graciously contributed. In an effort to alleviate this situation and provide the best experience for everyone involved, we have set up the CAC forums! With hopes of reaching the entire community, the forums are set up to offer the highest level of assistance and collaboration, bringing the Computer Art Club closer to together in knowledge, ability, and opportunity. http://digitalarts.bgsu.edu/cac/forums In order to perserve the highest level of security, and prevent malicious take over by evil spam bots, the forum currently requires new registrants to be validated by an admin. SO when you get the chance, head over, and sign up. Our admins will do their best to promptly and swiftly activate your account. To make the process go smoother, please sign up with your bgsu email!

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