First Meeting of Spring 2010 Semester

 It's the start of a new semester and the Computer Art Club has many great workshops and visiting artists planned for the coming months. To find out the details and how to become involved, join us at the open meeting this Thursday in the CAVE Lab.Jeff will also go over information on SIGGRAPH and how to become a volunteer. It is highly recommend that anyone interested in pursuing a career in CG to go to this conference, and volunteering is an excellent way to offset the cost. (It's held in August)Also if anyone is going after internships/jobs and is looking for some input/advice on their work. A few Alumni are graciously willing to offer their advice on the CAC facebook group. Not to mention I have opened a discussion on Demo reels and have been getting great feedback. So take advantage of the opportunities and information available to you guys! If you are not already a part of the group, it can be readily accessed through the blue facebook flag at the top of this page!

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